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SJ Series drink straw production line

SJ-Drink straw machine is composed of frequency conversion extrusion machine,mould,vacuum diameter-fixed monochromatic°Ędichromatic°Ętricolor°Ęfourcolor and etc.It make different diameter and length straight straws.

The machines are wildly used for producing drink straw°Ęnozzle°Ęcotton°Ęslip°Ęlollipop stick°Ętooth pick°Ęball-pen core°Ęwatercolor pen ore°Ętoy tube°Ędroptube and other small industrial irregular shape pipes.
Technology Parameters:
Monochromatic Straw Machine
Dichromatic Straw
Tricolor Straw Machine
Four Color Straw Machine
Screw dia.
50 or 55
50 or 55
50 or 55
50 or 55
Main Screw L/D ratio
11kw or 15kw
11kw or 15kw+0.7kwx1
11kw or 15kw+0.7kwx2
11kw or 15kw+0.7kwx3
Take up and Cutting unit
Extruding Output
Product length
product dia.
0.8mm-8mm or 0.8mm-13mm
0.8mm-8mm or 0.8mm-13mm
0.8mm-8mm or 0.8mm-13mm
0.8mm-8mm or 0.8mm-13mm
Total Weight
CY021 Automatic flexible drinking straw making machine

CY021 Automatic flexible drinking straw making machine provides new levels of performance for the production of flexible straws. The entire operation, from product in-feed and forming to finished product out-feed, is automatically performed requiring the operator to add the material only.The straight straws supplied in the hopper at the top of machine, are fed one by one into the main drum of the machine and clamped by two mechanical catches. As the main drum rotates, the straw passes through two rotary dies to receive die-pressed effect, is then compressed with two catches to form flexible. And delivered to the output conveyor automatically.The main drum always carrying 12 straws in successive different operations. This development represents a giant step forword for higher production of flexible straws.

High efficiency and high production rate.
Automatic product counting.
Product quantity pre-set. Once the pre-set valut is reached, the machine will stop and an alarm will sound, allowing added convenience for quantity packing into bags.
Automatic machine stop in the event of straw jamming.

2. CY032 straw auto tape-pack machine
This machine is a full automatic for packing single-straw into package machine. The machine is composed of motor, film supporting assembly(2 set),straw feeding section, sealing section, coiling section and electronic controlled system etc.The main drum always carrying a lot of straws in successive different operations. This provides a high packing rate, and incorporates an automatic. To complete filling in & packing at a time. It not only makes your straw packing operations easier, but provides you with a highly reliable.

Single straw packing. To complete filling in & packing at a time
Automatic product counting, product quantity per-set. Once the pre-set value is reached, the

machine will stop and an alarm will sound

Packing speed can be adjusted freely

Automatic machine stop when the package is missing the straw

Technology Parameters:
Driving motor: 380V, 3-phase, 0.75kw

Power supply: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz, 1kw
Processing speed: 500°ę600pcs/min
Emergency stop: 2 set
Packing type: 4 side seal
Wrapping material: roll of film
Model: BOPP etc.(films can be heat-sealed)
Diameter of roll: 340mm(max)
Inside diameter of roll: 75mm
Width of film: 230mm(max)
Thickness of film: 20u°ę30u
Packing type: 15mm(P)°Ń110°ę230mm(W)
Application: Straw diameter: ¶’3°ę¶’7mm
Straw wall thickness: 0.15°ę0.25mm
Straw length: 90°ę215mm(normal)
Machine dimensions(L°ŃW°ŃH): 2000°Ń960°Ń1600mm
Packing dimensions(L°ŃW°ŃH): 1650°Ń1150°Ń1800mm
Machine net weight: 400kgs
3. CY033 Flexible U-straw auto tape-packing machine
U-shape flexible straw auto packing machine can bend bendable drink straws into U shape and automatically pack them into bags.

The complete machine is composed of a driving motor, a driven system, thin film rolling device (2 groups), an unloading device, a straw filling device, a sealing device, a finished products winding device and others.

The machine has many service positions and can run without stop. It has a high degree of automation and a relatively high production speed. The filling and packing can be completed at one time.The machine boasts easy operation and reliable quality. It is mainly used as the auxiliary equipment for sterile packed drinks such as tetra package and health products.

Packing of single straws and the completion of bending, filling and packing of straws at one time. Automatic counting and batch alarm.
Adjustable packing speed.
Automatic machine halt function when there is no straw.

Technology Parameters:
Electricity power:
Driving motor: 380V, 3-phase, 2.2 kw(inverter control)
Power supply: 380V, 3-phase, 50 Hz, 1 kw
Production capacity: 500~700 straws per minute
Automatic counting device: 1 group
Automatic machine halt device in case of fault: 2 groups
Packing method: sealing of four sides
Packing materials: materials that can be hot sealed such as BOPP
Shape: roll-shaped
Roll diameter: maximum 280mm
Internal diameter of paper tubes: 76mm
Width of film: maximum 180mm
Thickness of film: 20¶Ő~30¶Ő
Packing shape: 22mm (P pitch)°Ń100~140mm (W width)
Straw specifications: Diameter: ¶’3.8mm
Thickness: 0.18~0.20mm
Length of U-shape model: Three type: 90mm, 105mm,128mm