Assistant machines for capsule/tablet packing line
  Mixing granulator
  Granule modification machine

  High efficiency boiling dryer
  Capsule/tablet polisher
FG series high efficiency boiling dryer

    After heated and purified, the air is led in from the bottom by the draught fan and goes through the mesh plate of the bunker. In the working chamber, the material fluidizes under negative pressure after stirring. After the moisture in the material evaporates quickly, it will be carried away by the exhausted gas the material will dry quickly.


  The fluidized bed is of circular structure so as to avoid blind angle.

  The bunker is equipped with stirrer so as to prevent damp material from rolling into block mass and forming channel on drying.

  Equipped with tipping discharge device, the machine can discharge material easily, quickly and thoroughly, and we can also design automatic feeding and discharging system according to the requirement.

  With such characteristics as closed operation under negative presure, filtered airflow,easy operation and cleaning, the machine is a kind of ideal equipment meeting the requirements of GMP.

  The machine has high drying speed and uniform drying temperature, the drying time of every lot is generally 20 to 30 minutes.


  Machined Screw Extruded Granule, Swung Granule, Wet Hing-speed Mixed Granule.
It is used for drying wet granules and powdery materials in pharmaceutical, food processing, feed processing and chemical industries, etc.
  Large granule, small block mess, sticky block or granular material

1 Partition Wall

2 Partition Wall

3 Heater

4 Filter

5 Filter

6 Noise Suppressor

7 Blast Regulating Door

8 Fan

Main specifications:
Item/Model Unit 100 200 300 400 500 650
Feeding Quantity kg 40 60 100 120 150 200
Fan  Weight m/h 2361 2361 3488 3488 4901 6032
Voltage mmH2O 594 594 533 533 679 787
Power kw 7.5 7.5 11 11 15 22
Power of Motor  kw 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75
Speed of Stirrig Paddle r.p.m 11
Energy Consumption kg/h 100 141 170 170 240 282
Time of the worker min 15-30
Heinght of Machine mm 2750 2750 2850 2850 2900 3100

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