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big bag sealer

Big Bag Sealer

Tinyard Enterprise Co.,Limited is one of the top level China big bag  sealer manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale big bag sealer  from our factory.


QF-600L  pneumatic sealer is suitable for sealing various plastic film bags with  the thickness of single layer film no more than 0.3mm, width no more  than 600mm and weight no more than 50kg. This machine adopts the  compressed air as driving power, which need the external connection.  Selecting the suitable sealing voltage and heating time according to the  different materials and thickness. It can be easily operated by hand  pressing or foot stamping, can be independently operated or assembled in  the production flow line.

Main Featurers 

--Fit for very large and thick bags' sealing.

Driven  by the compressed air, it could tightly clamp the bags' band and for  sealing. So its sealing result for thick bags is very good.

--Simple operation

The sealing length can be increased to 800mm or 1000mm if needed.

It can be used on production flow line and sealing the plastic bags after assembling

Technology Parameters



Hot sealing power


Air compressor

Equipped by user

Height of packing bag


Max sealing loading


Pressing head’s adjustable angle






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