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CD Box Overwrapping Machine

CD Box Overwrapping Machine

Tinyard Enterprise Co.,Limited is one of the top level China cd box overwrapping machine manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cd box overwrapping machine from our factory.


This machine is used to automatically wrap the outside of hard cuboid with a layer of transparent film (cellophane) with an antiforging & easy-tearing line. After packing, the objects look clear and beautiful, and have the features of damp-proof, dust prevention, anti-forging. Benifical to improve product packing level and additive value; also easy to open the packing. It's suitable for packing of CD, VCD, DVD, tape, poker etc.

Machine view:


After packing, the products are dust-proof, damp-proof, improve its addtional value and level.

Stainless steel body 

Full automation 

It adopts imported inverter and elements, can automatically finish the processes of film wrapping, box feeding, film folding, heat sealing and counting; it also can auto. stick anti-forging and easy-tearing line.

Stepless speed adjutment 

With anti-forging and easy-tearing line

The pull line on packaging can be printed company name and symbol, can bring anti-forging laser and phosphorescence(show fluorescenece under shining of ultraviolet rays), which is one of the best anti-forging methods


Packing material: OPP, BOPP film or cellophane with/without pull line

Packing size: 142x125x10mm; 142x125x24mm or custom-made

Packing speed: 40 boxes/min

Voltage: 220V, 50HZ

Machine dimension: 1430x660x1650mm

Machine weight: 250kgs

More photos of machine:

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