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paper doily making machine

Paper Doily Making Machine

Tinyard Enterprise Co.,Limited is one of the top level China paper doily making machine manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale paper doily making machine from our factory.


This machine used for make all kinds of round ,square ,oval paper doilies.It can automatic make doilies from raw material roll paper to finished products.

1. Characterized in high accuracy, stable functioning, proper structure, energy saving and quiet. 

2. Pattern cutting, embossing, cutting.

3. Easy to install and test

4. Production volume is 55000 pcs/h for round products with a diameter of 190mm. 

5. Auto counting and alarm. On the main unit, speed is regulated by converting poles, which is easy to operate. 

6. Produce round and rectangle products with diameters between 420mm and 100mm, i.e., between 16.5 inches and 4.5 inches. 

7. The total power is smaller than 3kW.

8. Dimension: 4500x1500x1900mm (length x width x height)

9. Weight: 2000kg


Introduction of Newest Paper Doilies Machine

1, Proper-designed structure, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient and easy operation

2, Maximum size of paper materials: 650 (length)×500mm (width)

3, Frequency converter controls the speed. The rotating speed of the steel mold is 0-72 round per minute.

4, There is micro-operation for steel molds, which is convenient for mold installation and trial operation.

5, Cutting-off of double knives: 72 times per minute.

6, The molds are newly arranged and designed, which can save 10%-20% raw materials.

7, Loading capacity: 5 rolls of paper

8, Maximum diameter of original paper: no more than 900mm

9, Maximum width of original paper: no more than 550mm

10, 8.5 inches (216mm) round shape paper doilies production –86400 pieces per hour

11, General power is less than 4kw.

12, Electric voltage ---AC380V 50H

13, Hydraulic system, which provides pressure upward, is applied to rubber rollers. It is convenient to adjust pressure measured by manometer. Manual pressure control needs no motor-driven, which is energy saving.

Professional Doily molds:

Finished doily samples:

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