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plastic lid making machine


This machine can automatically thermo-form plastic lids, perforate on lids and cut off them.

It's a ideal equipment for small and medium factory.

Low investment, full automation!

  It is used for making lid with plastic material as BOPSHIPSPS PVCPET and so on, which is widely used for the minitype soup spoonthe cover of the dish such as the salver of medicine and coffee, the bottleneck of Coca-cola.

Technical Parameters:

Main function

PET, PVC, HIPS etc. plastic products   automatic forming, perforating and cutting.


It's widely used to make PET/PVC/HIPS   plastic lids; or make the containers of medicine,foodstuff,daily products,   electronics, hardwares etc.


15-35 strokes/min.

Use material

PVC, PET, HIPS, PLA plastic rolls

Total powder


Air pressure request

Air-compressor with 0.6-1.0Mpa pressure

Air consumption


Water chiller for moulds

Tap water or recycled water with   60Litres/hour consumption

Max forming width


Max forming length


Max forming depth


Machine dimension




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