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rotogravure printing machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine

Tinyard Enterprise Co.,Limited is one of the top level China rotogravure printing machine manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale rotogravure printing machine from our factory.


Rotogravure printing is a very important step for bag making. Most of the bags for packing merchandizes need printing different words, pattern, images. Our film printing machine could in roll print different designs from 1 color to 10 colors. The printing result is clear and very beautiful. It adopts intaglio roller as printing forme. Each roller on each set is used for one color printing. 


--Continuous printing, automatic feeding and rewinding film roll.

--The printing rollers has hardness processing on surface, which guarantee them have much long usage life.

--Each set of printer can be easily assembled or disassembled. Customers could select to buy them according to requirement for colors.

--Accurate chromatic printing.

Technical parmeters:

Printing color selection1-10 colors1-10 colors1-10 colors
Printing length220-1000mm220-1000mm220-1000mm
Printing width600mm800mm1000mm
Printing speed10-60m/min10-60m/min10-60m/min
Chromatic printing accuracytolerance no more than 0.2mmtolerance no more than 0.2mmtolerance no more than 0.2mm
Total power26kw33kw49kw

QDASY-1000 High-speed Rotogravure Printing Machine

QDASY-1000 high speed rotogravure printing machine is the second generation of high speed printing machine, which could print reel type film in high speed and high accuracy.


1) Advanced combined transmission system: it adopts separate motors at printing, driving , rewinding portion, which make it has high speed, longer usage life, higher accuracy and stablity.

2) Pneumatic scraper to scrap ink clearly, even pressure.

3) Automatic film connection to gurantee real continuous working.

4) PC control automatic chromatography system to make sure accurate printing.

Main Specifications:



Printing length


Printing width


Printing speed


Chromatic printing accuracy


Total power






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