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30pcs per bag wet tissue packing machine

30pcs Wet Tissue Packing Machine

Tinyard Enterprise Co.,Limited is one of the top level China 30pcs wet tissue packing machine manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale 30pcs wet tissue packing machine from our factory.


Packing type: 5 pieces/sachet, 10p/s, 15p/s, 22p/s, 25 p/s, 30 p/s and so on. 

Middle of the bag is cut windows and covered by label; we can extract wet tissue one by one. Size (referring): length200mm×width200mm, length220mm×width220mm,

length180mm×width160mm, length170mm×width140mm.

Folding type: Raw material -> longitudinal fold 2-6 times in N, W, V shapes-> Crosswise fold one time.

Products use: The hygienic clean wet tissue, unload cosmetic wet tissue, the clean damp tissue, the male and female healthy care wet tissue, the medicine wet tissue, disinfecting wet tissue and so on.

Production process:

Non-woven clothlongitudinal fold in N、Z、W shapesCrosswise foldcutting and wettingpillow type packing & cutting windows & labeling & date coding



1. Mitsubishi or Panasonic frequency changer.

2. The operation plate and the duplicated volume cage uses the stainless steel material.

3. Cutted by cutting machine

4. Volume tensity trimming system.

5. Folding and drawing gear trimming system.

6. Automatically folding system in N、V、Z、W shapes.

7. Spraying system (adjustable water amount)

8. Stainless steel stirring saving pot. 

9. Automatically count number system.

Technical parameters:

Name: wet wipes folding machine

Model: TWJ-SZ 140-300(Each machine has a model) 

Products unfolded size: length140(fixable)×width140mm(adjustable) ~ length 300(fixable)×宽300mm(adjustable)(each machine has a model,the length is fixable) 

Products folded size: length70(fixable)×width40-60mm(adjustable) ~ length 150(fixable)×width40-80mm(adjustable)(each machine has a model, the length is fixable) 

Folding type: Raw material breadth -> longitudinal fold in W 、N、Z shapes->crosswise rebate.

Wetting type: Wetting or spraying.

Suitable materials: 35-80g/㎡,water-sting non-woven cloth, airlaid paper.

Raw material breadth: ≤Φ1200mm breadth 140 ~ 300mm

Raw material paper core inside diameter: Φ 76.2mm (=3")

Product ability: 200~400pieces/min.

Total power: 2.7kw-3kw

Weight: 800~1000kg

External dimensions: 3200×1400×1800mm~3500×1600×1800mm

Delivery dimensions: L3500-3800×W1600-1900×H 2100mm



This machine can fold and pack 5-30pcs wet tissues into plastic bags.

Production Process: 

put folded wet wipe onto the conveyortransportwrap with plastic filmVertical seal push out the air horizontally seal & cut off end products (synchronization to cut windows,paste label, date coding)


1. Use the Mitsubishi frequency changer, the PLC control system, entire automatically electric eye, touch screen.

2. Digital show the length of packages and adjust automatically. The PID intelligence automatically warming controlling system.

3. Automatically tear up the hole and print label system.

4. Package angle folding system.

5. Production date heating code machine

Technical parameters:

Name: Full-auto wet wipes packing machine 

Packing speed: 30-100 packages/min.

Packing size: length 80-180mm;Width 50-120mm;Height 10-50mm

Packing widest: 380 mm

Packing materials: OPP、CPP、PET and so on.

Suitable range: 5-30pieces/package

Power: AC220V 50/60HZ 2.2kw

Weight: 1000kg

Dimensions: length5550×width1120×height 2100mm

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